Every voice will be heard

Our first social network was the campfire. We would sit around in the dark and trade stories or play games. When it got dark enough, we could imagine and fell anything as long as there was a human voice speaking.

audio wave application

How it works?

Start by creating your account

Sure, without an AnyVoice account you can listen and hear others. But isn't creating your own content the buzz?


Share your stories

In AnyVoice, everyone can record their own voice, add tags, and choose any background.


Comment. Communicate. Listen.

Reply to the stories you like with your (or not your) voice. Get answers to your stories.


About the product and the team

All of the above are only a small part of the functionality available. In addition to recording your own stories and posting replies, you can also: • Subscribe to a favourite content maker's account • Upload your own avatars • Choose your preferred region and language for content • There are many other features that are coming soon, and that our team is working on. The AnyVoice team consists of 12 people scattered across 5 countries, but united by the Internet and a great desire to create something new, interesting and useful for people.


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